IBNet The IBD Summit 
January 17 - 19, 2017

Session Descriptions

Setting the Tone for Your Business: How Small Business Owners Can Create a Successful Company Culture That Lasts

Speaker: Dan Mann
Tuesday, Jan. 17th | 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Dan-MannYour company culture defines the way in which your business interacts with one another and how the team interacts with your customers. The recipe for creating the right company culture for your business starts with you – the store owner. The culture for your business is so important, that it helps attract good employees, how decisions get made, what works and does not work from a behavior standpoint and ultimately how things get done. This panel discussion will not only outline the steps to creating a high performance culture, it will showcase two highly successful IBD’s that have taken the time to focus on developing a strong culture, which has become a key driver to the success of their businesses.

Panel speakers include:

  • Tom Henry of Landry’s Bicycles
  • Mike Olsen of Trek Superstore, San Diego

Keynote Presentation: The Age Of Disruption: Everything Has Changed and Nothing Is Different

Speaker: Scott Stratten
Tuesday, Jan. 17th | 7:15 pm – 8:15 pm

Stratten_220x278We’re in the age of disruption. Today’s business climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. Every week, it seems there is a new strategy, social media site or technology that is a “must use” or a “game changer”. What we lose in this endless quest for the next bright shiny business object is that at the core of business while everything has changed, nothing is different. Trust, connection, consistency and service will always trump any new app to hit the market.

In this keynote, Scott will walk the audience through what is real and what are only smoke screens in the business world today. Audiences will walk away understanding the following:

  • The Millennial Myth: The younger generation may create new challenges for business, but not in the way people are saying.
  • Social Media Snake Oil: Why social media is a poor sales and marketing tool, what it’s really meant for, and how understanding this will actually lead to the best success for your company online.
  • The Digital Decision: Your market today is forming buying decisions well before coming to you. Marketing today means getting in front of them when they’re making these important choices.
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Keynote Presentation: Building Company Culture: Solving Problems & Creating Memories

Speaker: Garry Ridge
Wednesday, Jan. 18th | 10:00 am - 11:00 am


Why do customers keep coming back? Why do relationships last and grow? In this time of eroding foot traffic through your doors bike shops can ill-afford to lose those valuable customers that do venture in with the hopes of becoming part of the cycling community. This sounds so simple and basic and yet as an industry we are still not delivering on that expectation and we have to do better.

Positive lasting memories are really the glue that builds great brands, companies, employees and relationships and they are born at the time of that first interaction and grow through building trust. Garry will share his “learning moments” on how during times of constant change you can grow your business with one simple purpose – being in the memories business. Garry calls on his experience outside of the bike industry to share success stories where other industries such as hardware have been threatened by big box & online, and have won-out through creating experiences that leave lasting memories.

Hiring: Stop Doing it Wrong!

Speaker: Sam Dantzler
Wednesday, Jan. 18th | 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

DantzlerStaff turnover is expensive and exhausting. It’s time for a change. The traditional model is to hire, then train. The new model is to train, then hire. Not only can this cause a team hiring sensation and allow for multiple applicant interviews at the same time, but it’s also a cost-effective way to see new talent in action. In this eye-opening session, you’ll be presented with multiple versions of this model so you can find the right one for your business. Put this strategy into place and watch your employee performance headaches and turnover rates decline.

How Analytics are Helping Retailers Create Better Connectivity with Today’s Bicycle Consumers

Speaker: Scot Begovich
Wednesday, Jan. 18th | 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

ScotBegovichPhoto_200Scott Begovich from Flatiron Resources and formerly of Experian, comes back to The IBD Summit to take a much deeper dive into consumer analytics and will share with us all what is next on the horizon and how you and your store can tap into it. Included in this session is consumer data specifically derived from the bicycling industry, including demographic, financial, behavioral, and lifestyle data for consumers who recently purchased from IBD dealers. He will do his best to profile your customers to a tee and then tell you how you can best connect with them. Retailers like yourselves that are embracing data to optimize marketing and sales strategies are achieving meaningful results. Learn how you can integrate this knowledge into your business beginning tomorrow.

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Gateways to Foot Traffic Through Your Door: Embracing New Paths to Better Business & More Riding

Panelists: Bill Smith, TJ Juskiewicz, and Josh Squire
Moderator: Tim Blumenthal
Wednesday, Jan. 18th | 3:00pm - 4:15pm

Traditional methods of driving traffic through your doors aren’t working as well as they once did. We need NEW riders and new customers. Here, three experts will tell you how their discipline can build traffic and build business at your store – immediately.

  • Mass Merchant Bikes: What do you tell a customer who rolls-in a Kent, Schwinn, Titan or other mass-merchant bike for repair? Many IBD’s refuse to work on these bikes, sending the customer out of the shop, with a notion to never return. But these customers, if given an in-store experience that not only exceeds their expectations but leaves them feeling like they aren’t second-class citizens, will become new – and eventually loyal customers.
  • Bike-share: Think the bike-share phenomenon hurts the bike industry? Think again. Bike-share programs get people on bikes who may not have even thought about riding a bike prior to its launch eight years ago, let alone buy a bike. But after a few rides and a few smiles, many will opt to buy a bike, a helmet, etc – and getting them excited about the vibe around your shop, the experience they get in the store, on group rides, etc, will lead to that new customer that you never had.
  • Bicycle Tourism: Bike tourism is a big – and growing – business. More than a dozen U.S. states are now actively promoting their bike trails – both on and off-road. Americans are intrigued by simple single-day and overnight bike adventures and the prospects of riding, exploring and enjoying new destinations.

Keynote Presentation: From Brand to Cult: The Tools that Drive Brand Loyalty

Speaker: Craig Wilson
Thursday, Jan. 19th | 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Wilson_220x278Customers become advocates of brands because they develop an emotional connection with their core purpose. How then, does an Independent Bicycle Dealer (IBD) ignite the passion in their customer base that leads to this emotional connection?

Through the lens of The Brand Ecosystem Model, IBD Summit attendees will learn how to leverage the phenomenon of “following” to transform average customers into advocates.  And more importantly, they will learn the functional tools that drive loyalty, how to measure the efficacy of creating long-term sustainable customers and why they are the engine of revenue growth and profitability.

Best Ideas Contest: How I Increased Traffic Through The Doors of My Bike Shop

Moderator: Dan Mann
Thursday, Jan. 19th | 11:30am - 12:30pm

Dan-MannIn a TEDx-style format, 8-10 of your peers will present out-of-the-box success stories on how they were able to overcome one of the most talked about challenges of 2016: finding ways to reverse the trend of fewer people walking in your doors. Each person will have no more than 5 minutes to present their idea – with or without a digital presentation – to the IBD Summit audience. After the session, the audience will vote on the best idea – with the 1st place winner receiving a refund on their 2017 IBD Summit registration fee ($695), 3 free hotel nights at Interbike 2017 (room & tax), and a prize package from Shimano values at $1500. Second place will receive a $1500 Shimano prize package as well. Think you’ve got a great idea & would like to present? Contact Justin Gottlieb at justin.gottlieb@interbike.com after registering for the event. A limited number of spots are still available.

Lessons Learned From Around The Globe on the Emergence of E-bikes

Panelists: Claudia Wasko, Brandee Lepak, Ray Verhelst, and Randy Neufeld
Moderator: Larry Pizzi
Thursday, Jan. 19th | 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

LP Steamboat 2014

In October of 2016, the BPSA cited sell-in numbers for e-bikes through October as being up 80% year over year. Even with compelling data, enhanced media coverage and a new sense of “buzz” on the category, many IBD’s are still not sure if the juice is worth the squeeze. Five experts who have seen the powerful impact these bikes have had on IBD’s both home and abroad will speak to the ebike revolution and why the “wait and see” approach can potentially cost you both dollars and customers in the very near future. You will also hear from one of the top, multi-store IBD’s in the country speak about how she’s integrated ebikes into her store mix, got her employees rallied behind them, and the impact it’s had on sales.

Putting it All Together: Key Takeaways From The Summit and How To Take Advantage of What You’ve Learned

Speaker: Dan Mann
Thursday, Jan. 19th | 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Dan-MannHow many times have you left an exciting and thought-provoking conference with a wealth of notes and ideas, only to get home without a clue of what to do with them? This is where Dan the Mann comes in. In this closing session Dan will help us all wrap our arms around what all was presented and set us on a path of execution and reward. This is where the real ROI of the conference comes into play. Dan will boil down the choice nuggets from each presentation and discussion and tell you how you can enact upon those thoughts. Through Dan’s interactive workshops he has helped more than 750 large and small retailers, just like you, achieve meaningful change and accelerated growth. Who better to sum it all up and provide next steps in the evolution of your business than Dan? You cannot afford to miss this closing!