IBD Summit Curriculum

We're still building your 2015 curriculum! Check back later for more details. In the meantime, browse the sessions from IBD Summit 2014 below:  

Building Better Leaders: From K2 to Covert Ops and Corporate America
Chris Warner

The greatest challenge facing our generation of leaders resides in transforming the behaviors of our team. Chris Warner uses his climbs of K2 and Everest as a cast study, teaching the importance of behaviors to drive results. Do you want to build an enduring, great company? Come learn the strategies that Chris teaches leaders at Wharton, Fortune 500 companies, and U.S. covert ops teams. You will leave this session with an understanding of the cost to your company for poor performing team members; the behavioral dangers that teams often face; the psychological needs that members expect from the team; and how you can simply evaluate everyone on your team for better results. This is a dramatic, multimedia presentation (using Emmy-nominated footage) that builds better leaders.

Get Your Story Straight
Erika Napoletano

There's nothing quite like a great opening line of a story -- the hook that gets you in and invested. Your shop has to learn to have that hook (and it isn't price) and show your customers and community how they fit into your store's story. With all of the talk about online purchasing becoming the norm and independent retailers losing business to volume resellers with no pricing integrity, story is how you compete. It's the one thing you have that those online sellers don't, from Amazon and beyond.

Join Erika Napoletano, a plain-spoken brand strategist and self-proclaimed crappy (yet enthusiastic) cyclist who's ridden every surface from a velodrome to ski lifts in full body armor with a heavy bike in tow. She'll kick off this year's Summit with a rousing, humorous, and no-hold-barred look at what it takes to succeed with your customers in today's business climate. Discover the power of storytelling and what your successful industry compadres don't want you to know. You'll leave with better questions to ask of your business, community, and customers and start thinking of yourself as a storyteller and business owner who happens to ride bikes when you're not at "the office." Change your bottom line by changing your opening line.

Increase Your Local Online Visibility
Mike Belasco

Did you know that 73% of all online activity is related to local content? Are you interacting with the 82% of online searchers that follow up with a visit or call to the local merchant? Are you positioned to take advantage of the 61% of local searches that result in a purchase? seOverflow has performed a comprehensive competitive analysis of the most visible bike shops website across 10 major markets. Their findings are specific, with immediately actionable advice to help increase your shop's presence on Google and other search engines. Find out exactly what your competitors are doing to gain market share and how you can grab your piece of the pie.

Entitlement Selling Is Dead; Engagement Retailing Lives On!
Mike Cosentino

For too long, independent retailers have felt and behaved like they are entitled to our business.  After all, they are "the local shop."  They "hired my nephew for the summer" and even "solved the great medical mystery."  Heck, they still "have kids who go to school where my kids do."  

But those days are over.  Mike Cosentino should know…  because he, too, is an independent retailer.  In this session, he'll talk about the need to start a "relevance revolution" every time there is the prospect of engaging the marketplace and customers.  Mike will indicate how it can be done and what he's learned over the last ten years through engagement retailing… including why he pays himself -- but refuses to work for myself.  He'll tell you the things you do not want to hear… like mind your own business, make damn certain you sweat the small stuff and, yes, that being an expert cyclist means almost nothing to really growing your business.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Selling to Women
Bridget Brennan

Forget everything you think you know about selling to women: most of it is wrong. Join Bridget Brennan, avid bicyclist, author of Why She Buys and the world's leading authority on marketing and selling to women, to find out the most common behaviors that alienate women in a retail environment, and simple ways to course-correct and kick-start growth in your business. Women are the world's most coveted consumers because they drive 70-80% of all purchasing decisions and buy for everyone in their lives. This makes for powerful math when building your customer base. Avoid the classic mistakes and come to Bridget's session to learn how to do it right. She'll cover the biggest trends driving female spending, best practices on how to sell to women and Monday morning strategies to implement immediately. Winning becomes a whole lot easier when you are the retailer that women choose, instead of your competitors.

NBDA’s P2 Group Is Back – The Profitability Simulator
A Panel of the Nation's Leading Retailers, Moderated by Dan Mann

The highly rated session (P2 Group) is back at The IBD Summit – but with a twist! Come prepared to talk and share numbers with a group of non-competitive retailers. You will collaborate on solving issues affecting the bike industry. Do you want to know the top 5% of retailers in the industry's GMROI numbers?  Do you want to know where you fall amongst your peers when it comes to EBITA?  This session will not only break the numbers down for you, but you will be able to compare your numbers with your group, learn from the numbers, and walk away with a plan to be the best in the bike industry.

How to Manage the Minefield of New Model-Year Transitions
David Wechsler

It's no secret that merchandise planning plays a key role in the success of any retail business – especially if your business is seasonal. David will explain the key elements to develop a solid merchandise plan, and will present some real world examples- both in and outside of the bike industry – to help your business stay on track with the management of your inventory.

Getting Unstuck
Erika Napoletano

Do you have analysis paralysis? Ever feel like your ideas are just stuck? Tired of "decision by committee"? Get those ideas out of your head and into the wild. Ideas thrive when they're outside, just like you! You'll walk away from this workshop with tools, ideas and thoughts to make sh*t happen – in your life and in your business. Bring your number one challenge with you – and be sure you can state it in one minute or less. You've never worked like this before, and once you have, you'll change the way you work…forever. Uncage your concepts and experience how it feels when there's no limit to what you can accomplish in a shorter amount of time than you ever imagined possible.

Cultivating Greatness
Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Are you frustrated with your employees? Do you struggle with high turnover? How can you cultivate greatness within your team? Patrick will present case histories from retail businesses in the bike industry and beyond, and will discuss the "new science of management" - alongside some stunning statistics that are sure to send you back to your stores with the tools to cultivate greatness among your employees.